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Unlocking Value from Customer Conversations with Speech-to-Meaning


PANTALK BY Nicolas Perony, CTO and Founder of

Nicolas showed how Speech-to-Meaning tech can be used to elevate the quality of customer conversations. At OTO they use intonation-based speech tech that can extract emotions and behaviors through voice data with additional intonation-based features. This way, key moments that define customers' experience can be identified.

Nicolas Perony is the CTO of, a San Francisco/Zurich spin-off of SRI International (Siri, Nuance) that built a real-time platform to decode the subtle emotional and behavioural cues hidden in human speech. He holds a PhD in complex systems from ETH Zurich, where his research focused on modelling social behaviour at scale. Prior to founding OTO, he led the AI team at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and held various data-oriented roles in industries ranging from blockchain to sustainability.

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