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Unlocking new forms of value with Blockchain

In what way can the use of blockchain technology create new forms of value?

Where is it working and where isn't it applicable or may actually not be needed?

In this context, Rik discussed interesting sectors such as community currencies, public project financing, entertainment, and loyalty/consumer engagement.

About the speaker:

Rik Willard is a digital media pioneer and thought leader focused on the emerging "Internet of Value", where the convergence of payments, security and the Internet of Things will greatly influence critical aspects of global business and personal value in the near- and long-term. Just as money drives business today, new forms of value will begin to take shape based on the digital currency movement and significantly alter our definitions of value to better suit our interconnected world.

He was featured in the recent block chain documentary "The Blockchain and Us" and talks about the promise of block chain technology.

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