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Transparency in politics: Open Government Data and How to scale information

„Transparency in politics means structuring information. Just data doesn’t give you anything.“ Clemens Maria Schuster at our Pantalk.

'Digital' has changed the roles of the state, the government, the private sector, start-ups, and the civil society. Nevertheless, using an open data approach, a governing body can create the foundation for a lasting, sustainable progress.

Get insights from – a Swiss civic-tech startup dealing with open government data (#ogd). We collect, aggregate, refine those data and make them useful. Thus, transparency in politics is enhanced on a large scale just by using existing data. In fact, the whole political process gets immediately much more trustworthy and relevant for all stakeholders, especially the people.
About the speaker:
I'm Clemens Maria, a digitally skilled entrepreneur, experienced leader, descending from humanities classics. Austria born, living and working in Switzerland, proud European. My goal: foster a democratic society for all of us, using civic technology. Perfect is boring – expect everything.

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