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The Not So Hidden Gem: Driving New Business with Data

AI mornings pantalk by ben nolan, Head of Business development at Statice

· AI mornings,data exhausts,data anonymization,synthetic data,privacy

Ben Nolan talked about enterprise data exhausts and safe data anonymization. He elaborated on how Statice can help building data businesses through privacy preserving smart synthetic data. Statice processes the data completely automatically and anonymizes it, guaranteeing data privacy.

Statice can be used as a cloud application or "on-premise" for particularly sensitive data.

"Data may be the new oil, but that doesn't mean we should spill it everywhere."

About the speaker:

Ben Nolan has been involved with building data businesses since 2013, across a range of verticals including fashion, advertising, mobile, and market research. He leads business development at Statice, a Berlin-based software company working on solutions for data anonymization. Statice's solution powers data-based collaboration, product development and monetization at companies across industries such as healthcare, automotive, finance and insurance.

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