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Service and Experience Design

Pantalk by LEana Fischer, PRoduct Designer | Co-Founder and CEO of reverse ag

"A well-designed experience grows in value over time. An experience represents a contribution of valued offerings desires and memories all knitted together coherently."

Leana talked about how to craft an experience through a technological device. As a use case she talked about the concierge project at Kraftwerk Zurich. With the concierge, which looks like a telephone, they have created an intelligent assistant for meetings at the Kraftwerk location. Moreover, Leana talked about Olmsted's 7 S's and design principles.

Born and raised in Zurich, Leana was an interior and a product designer before heading to Milan to study service design. Driven by her interest in the process of designing experiences rather than end products, she embraced service and experience design in the years following her studies.

‘’a good designer has a good intuition. and intuition is the accumulation of experiences. being curious makes me want to explore as much as possible. i believe that well designed products and services enable a seamless and purposeful experience, and that the right design makes the intangible tangible. design is an integrative resource to innovate more efficiently and successfully. ”

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