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Messenger & Collab Tools for Companies: Privacy Hell or Security Fortress?

Umberto Annino, Principal Cyber Security Consultant at InfoGuard AG

Now that WhatsApp (acquired by Facebook with the promise to never change to sharing of data with Facebook) did what had to be expected - changing their terms of service, announcing data sharing with the mother company Facebook, everyone is rushing to other messengers.

What about the usage of messenger platforms and cloud-based collaboration tools for business purpose - what is there to consider with regards to privacy and security?

Umberto Annino is a Principal Cyber Security Consultant at InfoGuard AG, with a focus on information security as well as regulatory and legal cybersecurity requirements. He also works as a lecturer for information security, IT risk management and data protection.
Umberto holds an advanced federal diploma of higher education in ICT-Security and MIS/ICT, as well as several security certifications. He’s been working in ICT since 1992 and has experience in application and system engineering, IT operations, project management and information security management & security consulting.

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