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Machine Learning for Designers

by Memi Beltrame, Founder of Less a Mess, User Experience Designer

Artificial intelligence is more and more becoming the core of digital products. Designing for products based on AI requires designers to know about Machine Learning.

This talk was a vivid and entertaining introduction to the field of Machine Learning. It looks at its fundamental principles using practical examples. It showcases applications of the different types of Machine Learning. These range from text categorization to image recognition and speech analysis. The goal is to show what is important and why - not only for designers but for web-professionals and beyond.


Memi is an experience designer with more backgrounds than a Wes Anderson movie. He's a college dropout (English Literature & Linguistics) and a trained film director. He's been writing code since he was 13, with absolutely no ambition other than to see what happens. This ambition got him to the field of UX where he enjoys finding out what people need, building it and having a good cry after testing. He is curious and if you give him a stick and a bear, he'll know what to do. He's not good at sports, so you might reconsider.

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