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"Learn, make, publish, repeat"

Pantalk By David Dal Busco

// David about this Pantalk:
Exactly one year ago, at the Pantalk on October 16 2018, I had the opportunity to talk about Web Components. For the purpose of this presentation, as I was frustrated not being able to use the technology I was displaying as a support for my slides, I built a small quick and dirty project to develop and showcase my deck.

The story could have ended there but unexpectedly, I began to use this experiment as a basis to learn technologies I didn’t knew and it quickly turned into a real developer library for presentations and even a collection of miscellaneous applications.

Again, the story could have ended there, but around March this year, a plate of pasta and a glass of wine, Nicolas Mattia decided that he was also interested to nerd the same project. Together we then spent the next months in our free time to develop the web open source editor for presentations, DeckDeckGo.

In this presentation I’ll go back time this year of development. I’ll present the different features we have published and also briefly introduce their technologies (Progressive Web Apps, StencilJS, WYSIWYG, QR Code, D3JS, Markdown, WebRTC, lazy loading, etc.), but, more important, I’ll also try to spread our approach of being open source and trying to LEARN, MAKE, PUBLISH and REPEAT as much and as often as we could.

You can look at the slides of the Pantalk here.

// About the speaker:
David Dal Busco is a freelancer by day and the creator of DeckDeckGo by night.

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