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Thomas Wilde , AG is not a framework nor a headless CMS - it's an integrated data storage server that enables developers to build, scale and manage applications and simplify data processes. It`s simple, open-source and was built by developers for developers. The primary objective of is to make your data management sensible, consistent and integral. This helps to simplify the change management of your applications and keeps your data agile over time. comes with an integrated API (JSON, XML), multi-model database (relational + graph), attribute-based permissions (ABAC), a very powerful query engine, continuous schemata migrations and can be deployed on-premise or cloud (Kubernetes). You can persist structured, recursive and nested data-structured with ACID semantics, but you can also run complex programs to transform, manipulate, and enrich your datasets like with ETL (extract, transform, load).
Find out more about the concept, features and technology on AG is a deep-tech company from Zurich and has developed a new database system that meets the rising requirements of modern applications and today's Full-Stack Developers. Thomas Wilde is a data engineer at heart and shared insights, features and code with us.

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