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Coding Physical Objects: An Interactive LED Art Piece

An insight into a fascinating project created by the beauty of mathematics (fibonacci sequence) and a passion for DIY.

This talk was given by Christian, a software developer by trade, physicist by education, and seasoned tinkerer, who turns code into tangible objects, functional or decorative. He elaborated on his vision and approach to developing an interactive LED art installation. Furthermore, Christian demonstrated how his idea gradually ripened by writing code rather than hand-drawing the design. Arriving at its exact shape took months of programming, calculations, various testings, tweaking parameters and numerical optimizations. Throughout one and a half years of development a fascinating interactive object with irregularly shaped pixels arranged in an organic, yet mathematically precise flower-like pattern has emerged. It was realized using various digital tools such as laser cutters, and 3D printers. Always a work in progress, it displays colorful animations or useful information, remote-controllable from an internet-connected smartphone.

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