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Burnout in the world of Startups

Pantalk pantel discussion with Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer (President & Founder of Swiss ICT Investor Club), Michael D. Mangos (Psychologist), Claudine Birbaum (author/keynote speaker for intuition)

· Burnout,Startups,Mental Health,Work-Life-Balance

We discussed the topic of Burnout in the context of the startup world from different perspectives by the founder of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer), a psychologist (Michael Mangos) and an author/keynote speaker for intuition (Claudine Birbaum). Before the panel discussion the attendees had the chance to fill out a survey to figure out their burnout score. One of the attendees with a rather high score was welcomed to join the panel.

About the speakers:

Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer:
Thomas Dübendorfer holds a Ph.D. in computer science from ETH Zurich and is co-founder and president of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), an angel investor club, which invested in 42 Swiss tech startups in the year 2018. He has worked at HP Research Labs in Silicon Valley and seven years at Google. He is an angel investor and board member in several Swiss tech startups and had several successful startup exits. UBS, Nasdaq, Lufthansa, Adobe, Swiss Re and many other highly ranked companies are customers of tech startups that he co-founded. He was among the "Top 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland" in 2016 and 2018 and featured as "Top 200 most prominent persons of Zurich, Switzerland" in the publication Who Is Who in Zurich 2019.

Michael Mangos:

Michael was working for the reinsurance business for over 15 years holding degrees in Economics and Risk Management. A near burnout situation three years ago helped him to reinvent himself by quitting his former career and start fresh. Today Michael is holding a degree in psychology and is dedicated in helping individuals with burnout to find their life balance, reinvent themselves and feel happy and productive again.

Claudine Birbaum:

Claudine is doing seminars and coaching für CEOs, teams and employees who want a better (business)life. She's a keynote speaker for intuition. Her courses, coachings and seminars are about personal growth, consulting and support. More infos on her website.

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