• UPcoming PAntalks

    September 22nd, 18:30-20:30

    Livestream on Panter's YouTube Channe


    Pantalks Speaker:

    Christopher Gwilliams

    Solutions Architect at Aiven

    Topic (tech):

    The Slack Stack -

    Building Slack in the cloud using

    Open Source Software

    How does a service like Slack handle billions of messages, users, and calls without slowing down (much)? What the hell is an Event-Driven Architecture? How can it scale? In this talk, we will build a Slack-like app, from scratch, in the Cloud that transforms from a hobby project to a quarantine-proof production-ready application.

    Chris is a quantified self maniac that turned his love of optimising data pipelines and open source into a job, somehow.

    October 20th, 18:30-20:30



    Pantalks Speaker:



    Topic (tech):












    November 17th, 18:30-20:30



    Pantalks Speaker:



    Topic (tech):










    Upcoming Pantalk Speaker Doug Sillars
  • about pantalks

    the story

    Pantalks, initiated by Panter employees in 2010, began as a small community meetup where individuals looking to exchange knowledge, tech and non-tech, could connect and share their insights. Today, with +2990 meetup members and more than 200+ Pantalks hosted, the community has grown into a meaningful network. Once a month we host an intriguing talk with fresh from the field insights and engaging discussion over snacks and drinks— we'd love you to join us!

  • these were the AI MORNINGs


    Nowadays you have numerous options to get informed about Artificial Intelligence (AI) achievements and progresses.


    Actually, it can even be overwhelming, as everyone claims to have embraced AI and is “fully taking advantage” of this amazing new way of sorting through data. It may even make you feel a tech slacker or that you are missing the the-next-great-thing boat.


    Beyond buzzwords!

    Pantalks AI mornings present applied machine learning use cases that serve real business needs and leaves aside over-inflated claims.

    Attend these short (45 min) morning sessions prior to starting your work day and get a rapid understanding of applied AI business cases and their integration implications.

    Are the Pantalks AI mornings for me?

    Traditionally Pantalks are visited by decision-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, executives, thinkers, and doers to explore innovative technologies as well as their societal impacts. It’s also an Impact Hub Community event! Get your seat. We'd love to see you there.


    Format (venue, dates)

    Colab @ Impact Hub Zürich, monthly, every last Tuesday, not during summer / winter holidays


    - Tue 25.02.2020: Michael Born, CEO of PXL Vision AG

    - More dates will follow soon


    Time: 8.00 - 8.45: coffee & gipfeli, introduction, presentation, Q&A, open discussion


    Each event will be promoted and organized through our Meetup group (+2400 members!).

  • Past talks

    Find the presentation slides of past talks here.

    More Pantalks here

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    What seems like a contradiction on the first sight is actually quite common nowadays: Making...
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    Marcello Steiner is a Machine Learning Engineer working at Google. He spent the last four and a...
    November 19, 2019 · Burnout,Startups,Mental Health,Work-Life-Balance
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    Ben Nolan talked about enterprise data exhausts and safe data anonymization. He elaborated on how...
    In this AI morning Pantalk, François Rüf talked about the implementation of AI in the financial...
    „Transparency in politics means structuring information. Just data doesn’t give you anything.“...
    Patrick Senti likes to build AI/ML analytics solutions that deliver business value. A fullstack...
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